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The single-spa core team is expanding

· 2 min read

We are happy to announce that the single-spa core team is opening applications for two new members! As a core team member, you will help us maintain and guide the growing single-spa ecosystem by responding to Github and Slack issues, implementing new features, and helping to create the roadmap for the future of single-spa.

Our current core team consists of Joel Denning, Carlos Filoteo, and Anthony Frehner. We also thank Justin McMurdie and Bret Little for their valuable contributions during their time with the single-spa core team.

Single-spa owes its success to the people and companies who support it. If you want to contribute but aren’t able to join the core team, consider applying to be a maintainer. Maintainers are volunteers who receive Github write access to specific subprojects within the ecosystem. If you’re a manager at a company that uses single-spa, we encourage you to allow your developers to volunteer their time as maintainers or core team members so that the project can continue to grow and develop.

The single-spa core team and maintenance are unpaid volunteer positions. Looking ahead, if any core team members or maintainers are interested in new paid roles, Convex Cooperative (the company Joel works for) will be considering hiring new developers from the single-spa team. It’s important to state that Convex will not poach developers away from companies who allow their developers to help us maintain single-spa—our priority is nurturing the growth and development of the single-spa ecosystem.

If interested in applying to be a single-spa maintainer or core team member, please fill out the following Google Form before September 1, 2023: