Version: 5.x

Single-spa Examples

Core team examples

Actively maintained

Older examples

Community examples

  • single-spa-parcel-example is an example of one Vue and one React microfrontend, containing a React and a Vue parcel respectively and two Node.js microservices running in 6 different Docker VMs seamlessly working together in a single web app located in a 7th VM.
  • single-spa-login-example-with-npm-packages is a single-spa application example which imports registered applications from NPM packages and manages authentication features as login.
  • demo-single-spa-with-spax is a tiny spax example with react-scripts and craco.
  • single-spa-html with js example is an example repo of using single-spa-html that is enhanced with plain JavaScript.
  • coexisting-angular-microfrontends/login is a branch that implements a login functionality between Angular apps. It uses localStorage as shared memory space to store and retrieve a token.
  • single-spa-angular-cli is an all-Angular example repo that uses SystemJS to load single-spa-angular applications into a containing Angular CLI application at different routes.

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