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Version: 6.x


single-spa-inferno is a helper library that helps implement single-spa registered application lifecycle functions (bootstrap, mount and unmount) for for use with Inferno. Check out the single-spa-inferno github.


First, in the application, run npm install --save single-spa-inferno. Then, add the following to your application's entry file.

import Inferno from "inferno";
import rootComponent from "./path-to-root-component.js";
import singleSpaInferno from "single-spa-inferno";

const infernoLifecycles = singleSpaInferno({
domElementGetter: () => document.getElementById("main-content"),

export const bootstrap = infernoLifecyles.bootstrap;
export const mount = infernoLifecyles.mount;
export const unmount = infernoLifecyles.unmount;


All options are passed to single-spa-inferno via the opts parameter when calling singleSpaInferno(opts). The following options are available:

  • inferno: (required) The main Inferno object, which is generally either exposed onto the window or is available via require('inferno') or import Inferno from 'inferno'.
  • createElement: (required) The default export from Inferno's inferno-create-element package.
  • rootComponent: (required) The top level Inferno component which will be rendered.
  • domElementGetter: (required) A function that takes in no arguments and returns a DOMElement. This dom element is where the Inferno application will be bootstrapped, mounted, and unmounted.