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February 2024 Core Team Meeting

· One min read

Attendees: Joel Denning, Milan Kovacic, Ian Bacher, Jake Hayes

Meeting Agenda

  • TypeScript migration
    • single-spa
    • single-spa-react
  • Maintenance update
  • Baseplate
  • Roadmap items
  • Blog posts

TypeScript Migration

  1. Single-spa-layout broken types
  2. New PR for migration Single-spa

Review other PR's

  1. Examination of an open PR to fix Issue #1184
    1. Discussed introducing a new potential lifecycle hook

Baseplate Pricing Feedback

  • Maybe indicate that GB storage is optional. It's possible to bring your own
  • "The prices are not ridiculous" - Ian
  • "The prices seem reasonable, and the descriptions make sense" - Jake

Roadmap Items

  • Removing default exports
  • single-spa-playground was broken due to DNS records, Joel was able to fix that last week
  • Look into CORS for single-spa-playground - @Ian will look into

Blog posts

  • Potentially adding Baseplate specific blog posts to single-spa