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December 2023 Core Team Meeting

· One min read

Attendees: Artur Androsovych, Ian Bacher, Jake Hayes, Milan Kovacic

Achievements and Progress from November

  • Successfully released single-spa version 6, marking a significant milestone in the project's development

December 2023 Roadmap

  1. Update dependencies, and set up automation, starting with create-single-spa
  2. Continue work on the consolidation and updates of the example projects

Meeting Notes

  • Welcomed Ian Bacher as a new addition to the core team.
  • Reviewed single-spa roadmap

Initiatives and Goals

  • Adding unit tests to existing projects
  • SystemJS -> ESM migration
  • create-single-spa update (
  • Release single-spa 6 as latest ✅
  • Improve shared dependencies management
  • Autopublishes to npm
  • Server rendering enhancements?
  • Support for NextJS, NuxtJS, Remix, create-react-app, and other build tools
  • Consolidate example projects 🚧
  • Feature voting
  • Automated integration tests for popular frameworks
  • Update create-single-spa dependencies 🚧